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Take Stress Out of Holiday Meal Preparation

November 22, 2010

Putting a holiday meal on the table can be a daunting experience for first-timers and seasoned pros, alike. But with a little planning, everything will come together flawlessly. Avoid a last-minute scramble by making portions of your meal ahead of time.

Here are some ideas: (more…)

Whiskey Sour

August 25, 2010

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National Ice Cream Month

July 12, 2010

Celebrate your favorite ice cream flavors during the entire month of July! Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month in 1984. He also appointed the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day. Reagan recognized the popularity of ice cream in the United States (90% of the nation’s population consumes ice cream) and stated that these two events should be observed with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

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April 19, 2010

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When should I toss that out?

April 18, 2010

Refrigerate foods to maintain quality as well as to keep them safe.                               Some bacteria grow and multiply, although very slowly, at refrigerated                     temperatures. There is a limit to the time various foods will stay fresh and               safe in a refrigerator. Food is properly refrigerated at a temperature range               between 35-40° F or 2-6° C!

Did you check your Refrigerator lately?

click here for a chart to how long to keep foods or is it time to toss it out?

How to cook and carve a ham

April 2, 2010

Click here to try my California Orange Glazed Ham Recipe

Click here for a baked Ham timing chart

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How long do I bake a ham in the oven?

April 2, 2010

Uncooked ham must be cooked until it reaches an internal temperature of 160°F. Fully cooked ham should be heated to an internal temperature of 140°F.The ham should be allowed to stand at room temperature for 2 hours before cooking. Bake the ham at 325′ for the time in the chart below

Click here to try my California Orange Glazed Ham Recipe

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How to slice a mango

January 17, 2010



Health tip of the day = Get More from Chiropractic Care

January 4, 2010


Dr. Doug Murray



Health Tip of the day = Folsom Massage

January 3, 2010

For a bit of heaven, see Kevin

Do YOU feel anxiety or stress that ends up in your neck or back?


Health Tip of the day = Arbonne International

January 2, 2010




Health Tip: Holidays Don’t Have to Leave You Heavier

December 30, 2009

Because food is such a focal point of the holidays, it’s all too easy to pack on extra pounds when joining family and friends in celebration. But a bit of planning may help you avoid weight gain.

I offer the following tips for preventing holiday weight gain:


End of Year Shopping tips to SAVE MONEY for 2010

December 28, 2009

After-Christmas sales can be a great time to load up on bargains – and not just on Christmas items.

With many people back at work today, the store will be less crowded and you will still find many great deals. Here’s how to make the most of those sales:

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Question: How Do I Estimate How Much Alcohol I Need for My New Years Eve Party?

December 27, 2009

Question: How Do I Estimate How Much Alcohol I Need for My New Years Eve Party?

Answer: Dear Reader:

There are several factors you’ll want to consider when you calculate the amount of alcohol you’ll need for a party. (more…)

More Tips on How To Make Perfect Cookies

December 23, 2009

Use top-quality ingredient and assemble the ingredients before starting:

You can’t expect a first-rate product using second-rate ingredients. Be sure your ingredients are fresh and of the finest quality. If your recipe says the ingredient must be room temperature, be sure it is room temperature before proceeding. (more…)

How To Make and Bake Perfect Cookies

December 22, 2009

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Kitchen tip = Bars, Squares, and Brownies

December 20, 2009

Just follow these tips to make the best Christmas cookies


Kitchen Tip = How to use Cookie Sheets

December 20, 2009

A baking sheet should be either cool or at room temperature when the cookie dough is placed on it; otherwise, the dough will start to melt, adversely affecting the cookies’ shape and texture.


Last-minute shopping tips for holiday procrastinators

December 20, 2009

Uh-oh. Have you procrastinated about doing your holiday shopping? Again? Alright, deadline-pushers, you can officially stop despairing. These tips will require a minimum investment of time on your part, and they’ll help you survive another holiday season while elating your friends and family as well.


How to Host a Cookie Exchange Party

December 19, 2009

Do you love setting the table with a huge assortment of cookies but can’t stand the thought of spending several days baking? Then a cookie exchange party is the perfect party for you! Plan ahead for your party with our handy checklist.

You’ve picked a date and sent the invitations. What now? It’s simple to organize and throw your own party–we’ll walk you through it. Check out our tips to make the party extra-special, and browse our Christmas cookie recipes from around the world. (more…)

Kitchen Tip = Rolled and Dropped Cookie Tips

December 18, 2009

Some quick tips for perfect holiday cookies


5 Important Facts about California’s Gift Card Laws

December 18, 2009

The rash of bankruptcies and other difficulties facing the state have led to changes and reinforcements of laws applying to gift cards in California. Since this is the season when the majority of gift cards are purchased,  I thought it a good time to examine these laws for California’s shoppers.

For a state-by-state detailing of gift-card consumer protection laws visit the Consumer Union web site. (more…)

Holiday tip = When to Send Christmas Cards

December 17, 2009

The Post Office expects to deliver about 16 billion mail pieces between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Knowing when to send Christmas cards ensures that someone’s holiday is made jolly; sending Christmas cards too late adds stress to yours. Do it right this year!


Kitchen tip of the day = Make a Ribbon Dispenser Box

December 16, 2009

This handy box keeps ribbon rolls at your fingertips.


Kitchen Tip = Winter Sweet Igloo and Penguin Craft

December 15, 2009

Craft time can be just as fun in the kitchen with this candy penguin and igloo project. See how to make a wintery scene with your kids using edible ingredients like marshmallows, frosting, sugar cubes, and coconut.


8 Tips For Making The Best Snowman… Ever!

December 14, 2009

8 Snowman Tips:


How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree

December 13, 2009

From choosing your tree to keeping your tree fresh, this is your guide to a perfect Christmas tree!

Finding a spectacular Christmas tree is a quest many of us embark on every year. But are you really a savvy tree shopper?

Read on to learn how to choose the best tree for you, put it up straight without a struggle, and keep it fresh, fragrant, and hazard-free — plus, secrets to holiday cleanup. (more…)

Kitchen Tip = Use and care tips for your Stainless cookware

December 12, 2009

How to clean stainless steel cookware

Stainless steel requires little special care. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can ignore it. There are some things you need to do to keep your stainless steel in good shape.


Party Appetizer Tips

December 11, 2009

Our party appetizer tips will help you plan your next dinner or holiday party. Eating appetizers offers a great way for guests to socialize while having something to do. You can place them strategically around your home to direct the flow of guest traffic and they are a nice thing to offer whenever alcohol is served so that guests don’t drink on an empty stomach.



Kitchen Tip of the day = More knife safety tips…

December 10, 2009

Learn how to store your knives properly


Tips to keep your pets warm and safe this winter

December 8, 2009

winter-pet-safety.jpg (more…)

Kitchen Tip of the day = What are some knife safety tips?

December 7, 2009

Learn how to be safe in the kitchen while handling or working with knives.


Quick meal tips that save you time

December 6, 2009

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Kitchen Tip of the Day = Great Ideas for Holiday Leftovers

December 3, 2009

Turn holiday leftovers into after-holiday delights with these simple ideas!

Cranberry Relish and Sauce

  • Blend with your favorite mustard and spread on leftover turkey sandwiches.
  • Spoon over yogurt and granola for a delicious and healthy treat.
  • Add to vinaigrette dressing and serve over peppery greens, like arugula or kale, to create a delicious winter salad.
  • Heat with a touch of Grand Marnier liqueur for an incredible ice cream or pound cake topping.
  • Heat with a cabernet wine and serve as a sauce with chicken or pork.

Canned Pumpkin Pie Filling

  • Add to oatmeal and top with a little cinnamon. Pumpkin pie oatmeal!
  • Create an out-of-this-world pumpkin smoothie. Mix with milk and vanilla yogurt, then add a little cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar and blend with a few ice cubes.
  • Divide into ½-cup portions and freeze. Later, you’ll have just the right amount to add to waffle or pancake batter.

More Timely Tips

  • Wine only lasts for a few days after the bottle is open. Freeze the leftovers in ice cube trays. It will be ready to add to soups or sauces. One cube equals about two tablespoons.
  • Chop stale, leftover bread into crumbs and freeze. Thaw for use as a crunchy topping for fish or pasta, and for making meatballs or meatloaf.
  • Freeze leftovers in individual portions. They make a tasty and budget-friendly alternative to store-bought frozen meals.

Kitchen Tip of the Day = How to dice an apple, carrots & celery (video)

December 1, 2009

To finely dice apple, slice off each side of apple, avoiding core. Thinly slice apple lengthwise; cut slices into thin strips. Finely dice strips. place diced apples in some 7-up or a cup of water with the juice of one lemon to keep from turning brown. Drain before using the apples in a recipe.
Watch Chef Donno and learn.


November 26, 2009

Kitchen Tip of the day: Storing Leftovers

Cut the turkey into small pieces; refrigerate stuffing and turkey separately in shallow containers within 2 hours of cooking. Use leftover turkey and stuffing within 3-4 days; gravy within 1-2 days; or freeze these foods. Reheat thoroughly to a temperature of 165 ° F or until hot and steaming.

Here’s a list of common leftovers and recommended refrigerator storage times:

  • soups and stews: 3 to 4 days
  • gravy and meat broth: 1 to 2 days
  • cooked turkey, meat and meat dishes: 3 to 4 days
  • cooked poultry dishes: 3 to 4 days
  • casseroles:3 to 4 days
  • luncheon meats: opened package 3 to 5 days; unopened package 2 weeks
  • pasta & potato salads: 3 to 5 days


November 26, 2009

Kitchen Tip of the day:

This Thanksgiving, whether you are roasting or smoking your holiday turkey, don’t forget the most important step: brining.

Click below for directions (more…)


November 26, 2009

Kitchen Tip of the Day

click below to view thawing charts


Table Setting Guides

November 26, 2009

Kitchen Tip of the Day = How to set a table

Setting a table is not as difficult as it seems. The basic rule is: Utensils are placed in the order of use, that is, from the outside in. A second rule, with only a few exceptions is: forks go to the left of the plate, and knives and spoons go to the right.

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Kitchen tip of the day =

November 15, 2009



When you use a garlic press or crush the garlic cloves, you get a stronger flavor than when you mince it fine with a knife. This is only noticeable when using the garlic raw

Garlic can be used as a pest repellent to repell aphids.

Small bulbs of garlic can be as much as 20 times as strong as larger bulbs.

Kitchen tip of the day

November 15, 2009

10 Tips for teaching Cooking with your Kids

Are you interested in how to teach cooking to kids? I’ve had several people contact me looking for advice about wanting to open up cooking classes or do cooking parties in their own area.

  1. If the recipe takes you 10 minutes, it will take much longer when teaching and helping kids create the same recipe. Keep this in mind when planning.
  2. Keep the kids on the task at hand. Kids can be easily distracted so don’t talk too much and keep them on task.
  3. Give a run down on what is expected in the kitchen and what the recipe entails before starting.
  4. Let kids show a little creativity. They need to follow the recipe but also choose recipes kids can be creative. Do your recipes in steps. If making dough. Prepare some ahead of time and also show them how to make it from scratch. Then pull out your all ready made dough while the one you just made is rising.
  5. Think at a kids eye level. What is the right height for table and chairs? Also look into real kitchen utensils they just fit smaller hands better.
  6. Eat what you created together as a group. Encourage them to at least try what was fixed.
  7. 7. Keep cooking groups to 3-6 kids. This tends to work best. If you have more than 6 kids, get an assistant to help you.

  8. Have a reachable sink or stool to make washing hands easy for kids.
  9. 8. Teach kids to clean up as well as create recipes. Wipe up spills with paper towels, clean floor with broom if needed, etc. when done.

    9. Have fun!
    10. Eat with the kids

Five Tips on making a great Martini

November 15, 2009

5 Tips to Making a Good Martini



How to make a stock

November 15, 2009

Q. What are some basic stock recipes?

A. Thank you Iris for my first question on my blog. Stock is a lot easier to make than you might think. Here are some easy recipes for chicken, beef, and vegetable stock:

  • Chicken Stock: Place 4 pounds chicken backs, wings, and bones in a large stock pot. Add 4 quarts cold water, 2 large sliced onions, 2 sliced carrots, 2 sliced ribs celery with leaves, 1 bay leaf, 4 peppercorns, 2 sprigs parsley, and 1 teaspoon dried thyme. Slowly bring to a boil and lower heat to a simmer, skimming off surface foam for first 30 minutes. Simmer a total of 2 hours; strain. Makes about 7 cups.
  • Beef Stock: Preheat oven to 450°F. Melt 2 tablespoons butter in a large roasting pan. Add 4 pounds beef bones and brown in oven, about 10 minutes, stirring pieces frequently. Add 2 large sliced onions, 2 sliced carrots, 2 sliced ribs celery with leaves and roast until browned. Transfer bones and vegetables to a large stock pot. Pour off fat from roasting pan and deglaze with 1 cup hot water, scraping up browned bits from bottom of pan; pour into stockpot. Add 1 bay leaf, 4 peppercorns, 2 sprigs parsley and 1 teaspoon dried thyme to stock-pot and cover with 4 quarts cold water. Slowly bring to a boil and lower heat to a simmer. Simmer 4 to 5 hours, skimming off surface foam during first 30 minutes of cooking; strain. Makes about 3 quarts.
Seasonal soup

  • Vegetable Stock: Combine 3 each finely chopped carrots, celery, leeks, and onions, along with 1/2 pound mushroom pieces, 1 bay leaf, 2 sprigs parsley, and 1 teaspoon dried thyme in a large stockpot. Cover with 3 quarts water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer and cook, covered, 2 hours; strain. Makes about 2 quarts.


November 9, 2009

Kitchen Tip of the Day = How to use a Microwave Rice Cooker

1. To cook rice, refer to package microwave directions. If package microwave directions are unavailable, a general guideline for four servings is 2 cups water to 1 cup rice. Fill cooker with water and rice. Cook on HIGH (100% power) 5 minutes; reduce to MEDIUM (50% power)15 minutes or until water is absorbed.

2. Place clear inner lid into base with outer rim upright. Set lid on top of cooker aligning lid tabs with handles. Pull locks up and over tabs to click in place.

3. Place cooker in microwave and follow package directions to begin cooking. Microwave ovens vary; adjust times and power levels as needed, beginning with shorter cooking times.

4. Remove from microwave with heat-resistant oven mitt or pad. Release locks from tabs. Caution: Steam will build during cooking. Using a heat-resistant oven mitt or pad, lift lid toward you, allowing remaining steam to escape away from you. Insert a utensil in center hole, lift clear inner lid toward you.

5. Refer to microwave manufacturers instruction manual for more information on cooking other foods.

Stuffing and Dressing Cooking Tips and Hints

November 4, 2009

Kitchen Tip of the Day

stuffing (1)

Whether your family calls it stuffing or dressing, most likely the first thing that comes to mind is Thanksgiving. However, stuffing is not just for holidays and not just for poultry. Many varieties of seafood and vegetables are also prime candidates for stuffing.

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November 3, 2009



Think it’s too early to start planning Thanksgiving dinner? Think again! Nov. 26 may seem like a long way off, but for the holiday host, it’s right around the corner. That’s why each Tuesday until Turkey Day, I’ll bring you preparation tips to ensure your Thanksgiving is as smooth as your gravy (should be). Here are two tips to start thinking about today!

1. Get a head count.

Now’s the time to start inviting people to Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re thinking about it, chances are good your friends and family are, too. So if your cousin is bringing her new boyfriend, and both sets of grandparents are coming to town, as well as your parents and siblings, you’re going to need to figure out how to seat everyone at your small table with three mismatched chairs.

Getting a head count this early ensures you’ll have enough time to borrow tables, chairs and whatever other furniture items you need to so that everyone can eat comfortably, and then have a place to lounge when the tryptophan-wine combo sets in. And don’t forget to find out who’s a vegetarian, who’s allergic to nuts, and any other dietary restrictions you’ll be dealing with. The last thing you want to hear as you put your pecan pie on the table is that your cousin’s new boyfriend has a severe nut allergy.

2. Pre-order your turkey.
There are few things more stressful than trying to find a good turkey of the correct size during the week before Thanksgiving, especially if you want a fresh turkey over the 3-4 days to defrost a frozen turkey

Luckily, many grocery stores begin taking orders for turkeys around the beginning of November. And that early head count will let you know how much turkey you’ll need to ensure everyone leaves with bellies so full they’ll wish they’d worn sweatpants. Allow for one pound of turkey per person (that way you’ll most likely have leftovers for things like turkey sandwiches and other fun recipes I will be posting here after Thanksgiving.

How to Toast Nuts in the microwave

November 2, 2009



Here is a great tip for your Autumn baking, I discovered that most nuts such as PECANS, ALMONDS, and WALNUTS toast beautifully in the microwave. Many Fall recipes call for nuts which are in season right now. By toasting them first, the flavor explodes and enhances your recipe. Instead of using your stovetop or oven, put this microwave method to the test. It worked like a charm.

Evenly spread nuts in a flat microwavable dish such as a small stoneware bar pan. Microwave on high or full power for 3 to 4 minutes for 1/2 cup of nuts and 4 to 5 minutes for 1 cup. Stir every 45-60 second intervals (which is good for all nuts) to control the toasting times during cooking. Do not over cook as nuts will continue to darken after being removed from the microwave.

Warning!!  the dish will be HOT. allow to sit for 5 minutes to cool the nuts to room temp before using in your recipe