8 Tips For Making The Best Snowman… Ever!

8 Snowman Tips:

#1 Locate a good spot for your snowman.

While the inclination may be to put Frosty, Fred or whatever you and or your kids decide to name your snowman in the middle of your yard, the best place is underneath a tree or some other location that is partially protected.

#2 Don’t try to build a snowman unless you have¬†wet snow.

Powdery snow or snow in icy conditions doesn’t pack worth a darn; you’ll just spend more time trying to put the pieces of your snowman together than you will anything else. It’s best to wait for conditions where the snow falls and it is just below freezing (or just above freezing). Those are the best conditions for making a snowman.

#3 Start at the bottom.

Begin by getting a handful of snow, pack it into a small to medium sized ball and then roll that ball around on the ground in front of you until it is large enough to support the rest of your snowman. Then do the middle, and the top part of your snowman’s body.

#4 Make arms for your snowman out of snow, rather than using sticks.

Me and my brother used to do this when we were kids. It makes your snowman look more real.

#5 Don’t dress your snowman in anything you care about.

Putting your favorite scarf on on a snowman isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do. Why?¬†Because, unfortunately, people do steal items off snowmen. So, be sure and use things that you don’t care about, rather than lose a beloved item.

#6 Use food coloring to show your snowman’s emotions.

While you can still use rocks or buttons etc. to make the facial features for your snowman, food coloring can be used to show blush on the snowman’s cheeks. Or, blue might be used to indicate a blue mood.

#7 Be creative with your snowman’s features.

When it comes to dressing your snowman and creating a personality for your temporary winter friend, take some time when crafting his facial features. Additional props like hats and scarves are always good to help your snowman look more real.

#8 Be sensitive to others who live in your neighborhood.

For example, while using a carrot for something other than a nose may be funny to you and your pals, your neighbors with children are not going to appreciate an x-rated snowman. Also, refrain from using snowpeople to create violent scenes. We all see more than enough violence on television and in movies without having to also see snowpeople horror scenes.

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