Holiday tip = When to Send Christmas Cards

The Post Office expects to deliver about 16 billion mail pieces between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Knowing when to send Christmas cards ensures that someone’s holiday is made jolly; sending Christmas cards too late adds stress to yours. Do it right this year!

Create aChristmas CardsList
To whom will you be sending
Christmas cards this year? Grandma is a shoo-in, but what about the vet who took care of Fluffy’s teeth? Make sure you have a complete mailing address for each person on the list. Are you missing a ZIP code? Look it up by clicking here with the USPS ZIP Code finder!

Divide theChristmas CardsList into 4 Sections
If you are sending
Christmas cards to businesses this year, put them on one list. Anyone in a foreign country goes on a second list. Friends deserve a spot on a third list, and Christmas cards that will be addressed to family members go on a fourth list. This allows you to attack one stack at a time rather than facing an impossible huge stack of mail.

Purchase Christmas Cards for Each List Section
Your vet may appreciate cute puppy cards, but your accountant may be more partial to sunsets. Avoid the need for parsing your funds and hunting down separate Christmas cards for everyone this year. Choose a generic “Seasons Greetings” or “Happy Holidays” card for businesses and clients. Try to use a “ Merry Christmas” card for anyone in a foreign country without any Santa since they may not have Santa in their country. Snowy scenes and seasonal photos are great for friends. Save those special family photo cards for sending to you family.

Order Christmas Themed Stamps from the USPS – Online!
The Post Office sells
holiday themed stamps; order them online and you won’t have to stand in line.

When to Send Christmas Cards Oversees and to APO/FPO Addresses – And Only Pay First Class Postage
Unless you want spend a small kingdom’s ransom on sending Christmas cards to Aunt Juana in Madrid, you will be wise to
write international cards first and get them sent out. Sending Christmas cards to Africa, Central and South America requires you to get them into the mail by December 4th. Next come Christmas cards to Asia and the Pacific Rim,Australiaand New Zealand, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East; they must be postmarked no later thanDecember 11th. The same dates hold true for military mail you send first class.

When to Send Christmas Cards Domestically
Sending Christmas cards across the country should ideally see them postmarked by
December 21st.


If All Else Fails
If you are reading the section on when to send Christmas cards a couple of hours before the kids are scheduled to run down the stairs on Christmas morning, it is too late to contemplate sending Christmas cards. Instead, look for online Christmas cards and fill the hours before gifts are being ripped open with emailing anyone and everyone on your Christmas cards list (you
did make a list, right?).

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  1. Laundry Sorter · Says:

    i would have to make more christmas cards becuase next month is december already .~”

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