August 31: National Trail Mix Day

Mark your calendars for a day of delicious, energy boosting indulgence on August 31, which is National Trail Mix Day.

Your SacChef  is encouraging you to hit the trail, grab their bikes or plan a hike on August 31, and take along this healthful snack that provides a quick carbohydrate-fueled boost paired with sustained energy from the heart-healthy fats found in many nuts included in trail mix.

Here’s some easy ways to incorporate trail mix as a snack:
– At Work: Ditch the sweets and grab a nutritional trail mix for your afternoon snack to keep your energy sustained.
– For A Natural Energy Boost: Hit the trail for a lunchtime walk or jog, armed with your favorite energizing mix.
– With Your Kids: Fuel your kids with a fun and natural trail mix rather than candy or chips.

And here are some interesting facts about this easy to pack snack:
– Trail mix has been eaten by Native Americans for thousands of years, and originally included buffalo meat.
– Trail mix is featured in Jack Kerouac’s iconic 1958 novel The Dharma Bums.
– Trail mix is the favorite healthy snack of celebrities such as Jessica Biel and Blake Lively.
– Captain Robert Falcon Scott munched trail mix to maintain his energy while trekking through the snow in 1901 during his attempt to conquer the Antarctic.
– Trail mix is known as Scroggin in Australia, Studentenfutter in Denmark and Pink Buggie in Canada. Each version contains ingredients as unique as their names suggest.


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