Why Your Website Needs An Email Newsletter

Despite the odd complaint about spam, most of us check our email every week.
This seems like a small point, but it is actually quite significant. Email is different. The secret to making money online is to develop relationships with people. Blogs build relationships with their readers. Online stores build relationships with customers. A good relationship can lead to more sales. On the other hand, a bad relationship could lose you a customer forever. Experienced marketers understand the need to connect to their target audience. They know the success of their campaigns depend on it. By emailing readers and customers on a regular basis, you can connect with them on a level that you could never reach with one hundred and forty characters on Twitter. This helps you develop trust and loyalty.

We at Sacchef International: Social Media and Global Marketing Services can assist you to set up your email newsletter; create, write and send it for you. Please contact Brian Bentzen to design a responsive email newsletter for your business.

Brian Bentzen
Sacchef International: Social Media and Global Marketing Services
(916) 879-4611

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