How to carve a Turkey


Think it’s too early to start planning Thanksgiving dinner? Think again! Nov. 25th may seem like only next weekt, but to me, it’s right around the corner. That’s why I want to give you preparation tips to ensure your Thanksgiving is as smooth as your gravy (should be). Here is one tip to start thinking about today!

It’s one of the most stressed-over tasks of the holiday season, but it doesn’t have to be! Learn how to easily carve a turkey 

1. Grasp end of one leg. Place Carving knife between drumstick and body of turkey. Cut through skin to joint. remove entire leg and thigh portion by pulling out and back, using the tip of the knife to disjoint. Separate thigh and drumstick at joint. cut dark meat away from the bone and place on serving platter. Repeat with other leg.

2. Insert fork into wing. make a long horizontal cut above wing, cutting through bottom of breast to body of turkey. Disjoint wing from body.

3. Cut a thin slice from breast with even strokes, using fork to hold slice in place. The slices will fall away from bird when knife reaches horizontal cut. Place on platter. Repeat as directed above to carve other breast.

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