Stockton Asparagus Festival

The 25th Annual Stockton Asparagus Festival kicked off Friday with good weather forecast for its three day run.

Every year, the event raises money for some 100 area charities and this year, organizers hope to raise over $350,000.

There’s live music, a crafts show, some 70 food vendors and 100 speciality merchandise vendors as well as a celebrity chef cooking show.  But the most popular item of all is the asparagus — especially the deep fried asparagus!

Over 45,000 pounds of asparagus is expected to be sold with 45,000 orders for deep fried asparagus, some 9,000 asparagus tri-tip sandwiches, 4,000 asparagus burritos and 8,000 dishes of asparagus pasta.

Oh, and don’t forget the “aspara” ice cream!

The festival is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.


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