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The Sac Chef Holiday Poem

December 6, 2012



Twas the time before Christmas, and all thru the town,

BNI members everywhere are getting stresses and feeling down.

The holidays are here with so much to do.

Shopping and cooking for the party at dear Aunt Sue.


So I need your help with Christmas no near.

I can bring the food, and Kat will bring the “Mad Kat” beer.

With time a passing in such a fluffy,

all the world is in a mad pack hurry.


So when you are out to buy that perfect gift.

Remember it’s time for “Giver’s Gain”, so other’s spirits will lift.

The checkout lines, however are so long in the mall,

as shoppers ransack the shelves and grab it all.


But the SacChef can help you with your shopping mess,

with homemade chocolates gifts, guaranteed to impress.

I have boxes of truffles: Dark chocolate, Milk, or White

and hand dipped strawberries for that special night.


Another referral for me which is bewitchen,

is to have me help you in your kitchen.


Who do you know that can’t stop to rest,

their’ kitchen is a disaster, just look at the mess.

She burned her hand, and now it is stinging,

as red wine drips on her dress while the microwave is dinging.


With the guests now arriving but the dinner is not done,

her dress is soiled with butter and crumbs.

She runs from the kitchen in terror and pain,

screaming that the holidays are making her insane.


Not knowing what she is doing and what is that smell?

Oh no! It’s the cookies, they are burned all to hell!

She hates to admit it, she made a mistake,

she put them on “broil”, instead of on “bake”.


So if you know someone like this, you now know what to do,

fill out a referral slip, It’s so easy online too.

She is a great referral for me, so have her give me a call.

So she can relax and enjoy her party, letting me cook it all.


Are the holidays getting to you, are you feeling “Stressed”?

Just spell it backwards for my cure for those depressed.

To all my friends here in BNI,

I hope these tips help you find great gifts to buy.


Is your office having a party to celebrate the seasons?

I’m the perfect choice, do you need anymore reasons?

What is another great referral I want you to know?

Who is heading up to Tahoe to play in the snow?


They will be driving all day to get up to the cabin.

I can make pre-made meals with the kids will be grubbin’

Easy to travel, quick to reheat.

More time to enjoy skiing, now that’s a holiday treat.


Do last minute party invites make you feel stuck?

No time to cook something for your after work potluck.

I have lots of quick recipes on

or just call me to cook for you, and your contribution is done.


I hope you have enjoyed my holiday story, and know what to do.

I’m Brian, the Sac Chef, I’ll dirty my kitchen so you don’t have to!