Hey Everyone!

I want to share the news that last night I was awarded the “GO BIG  = STANDING OVATION AWARD” for being outstanding company and excellent Small Business Owner.

Go Big Consulting company, owned by Mr. Brian Sharp,  sponsors FREE workshops to help small business owners grow their business and think big! Click here to learn more.

December Workshop:

Time, Money & Marketing Tips for 2011

WARNING: If you do not want to grow your business in 2011, DO NOT ATTEND THIS EVENT! Are you ready to create some BIG RESULTS in 2011?…I mean REALLY READY? Then, let’s do this together!

Join us this month and hear from a team of small business and sales experts to help to provide you with the strategy and resources you need to GO BIG next year with powerful planning for your time, money & marketing. If you’re tired of not hitting your goals, frustrated with your results, and ready to stop struggling…you need to be here!

BIG GOALS: How to set realistic and impactful goals for 2011 (and hit them this time!)

GO BIG MINDSET: How to prepare yourself mentally to create the results you want


BIG TIME: Find the time to get your life & business on track to hit your 2011 goals

BIG MONEY: Creative cash-flow, cash-saving, & cash-building strategies from Mr. Loophole

BIG MARKETING: How to turn your marketing plan into a money maker this year!

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