August 27: Banana Lover’s Day

Happy Banana Lover’s Day! For those of you who love bananas, today is the perfect day to indulge in your fruity treat. Banana plants are grown in just about every tropical place and make up the 4th largest fruit crop in the world.

How to Celebrate Banana Lover’s Day:

Have a banana split for breakfast.

Save any “bad” or orver ripe bananas you’ve got and make some delicious banana nut bread. Share it with the neighbors.

Sing the “banana-fanna-fo-fana” name game song everywhere you go. Sing it to your kids, your boss, your mother-in-law, and the person checking you out at the supermarket after you check his or her nametag.

Pack a banana pudding cup in your lunch, or make banana pudding and spread it over some vanilla wafers for a treat.

Continuing with the peanut butter and jelly theme, slide a few banana slices into your child’s sandwich for a nutritional boost.

Try a new banana recipe. Some imaginative creations you might want to cook up include Chocolate Banana Trifle.

Write an ode to bananas. See how many words you can alter to rhyme with banana.

Blend up a banana for a healthy shake that will doubly serve as a dessert/treat and breakfast with some milk,  and strawberries, though anything from yogurt to soymilk will work well, too.

Insist that everyone call you “Nanners” for the duration of the day.

Slice up some bananas and add them to everything throughout the day—your cereal or oatmeal, salads, whatever.

Make bananas foster—especially if you’ve never had this traditional New Orleans dessert before.

Try a banana liqueur drink. Some notables include the Chocolate Monkey, Scooby Snack, and June Bug.

Make banana art by scratching the skin of a banana in any pattern you wish and leaving it in the sun. Consider getting the results tattooed on your skin.

Wear yellow everything. See if anyone notices.

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