August 22: Happy National Spumoni Day

Happy National Spumoni Day, everyone.  I have to be honest with you, my ice cream loving friends. The word Spumoni always makes me think – not of dessert – but of that machine they run over ice rinks back in Boston to smooth them out. Yes, I know that’s a Zamboni – I’m just saying that it my opinion, the word Spumoni isn’t exactly culinarily lyrical and has the wrong sort of feel. Still – it is what it is.

click on photo for recipe

But what is Spumoni exactly and how can I keep from mixing it up with the Zamboni?

  • Spumoni is a layered ice cream dish where as the Zamboni layers ice.
  • Spumoni is Italian in origin and the Zamboni is from California (And no – Mr. Zamboni wasn’t from Italy either. He was born in Eureka, Utah)
  • Spumoni led to the creation of Neopolitan ice cream. The Zamboni led to – um, Frank Zamboni meeting Sonja Henie. Which I am sure was nice for both of them.
  • Spumoni is now unknown in Naples, land of it’s birth. Presumably there are ice rinks in or around Naples so someone there might know “Zamboni.”
  • Spumoni surely is known throughout the land of the Zamboni’s birth – California.
  • Spumoni quite often involves fruits and nuts. The Zamboni involves nuts and bolts.

I don’t know about you but this little exercise has really cleared things up for me. They aren’t really similar at all.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I really feel I am on a roll. What do you, kids? Should we tackle another culinary confusion next time? Cannoli vs cannelloni?


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