Take care of your skin in this heat!

I love Arbonne International’s sun line.  They have an SPF 15 and 30.  They protect against UVA and UVB rays.  My one friend swears by it because she always would BURN on her chest and Arbonne’s SPF 30 is the only one she found where she no longer burns there.  My other friend found that the SPF 30 is the only one that does not make her face breakout.

I also got an email from a client that had the Arbonne sunscreen:

On a recent trip to Cozumel and Grand Cayman, we to one of the beaches, (An Eco Friendly Beach) the local beach officials confiscated my Brand X, Y, & Z products. Everyone else in our group had their products confiscated also.
The only person who was allowed access to the beach without problems was Anita (my wife) who had her Arbonne Sunscreen Products. We were told by the beach officials that Arbonne uses only ingredients that are environmentally safe and are not a threat to the water along with the fish and plants in the water. Everyone in our group questioned what Anita was using. They were quite impressed with Arbonne

Love it!!!

Daphney Hewitt

Independent Consultant

Arbonne International


Will you be kicking yourself or pinching yourself in 5 years….ask me what I mean

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