Macaroni Day

Every year we celebrate Macaroni Day on 7th July, it’s time for some yummy treat for your pals. Macaroni comes from Italian maccaroni. It’s another one of those “etymology obscure” words. English borrowed the word from Italian in the 16th century. However it is a grate fun day to us so don’t miss this day without celebration.

How is this holiday celebrated?
This holiday is celebrated by doing something macaroni! Here’s a few ideas:

  • Make you and your whole family a beautiful dish of macaroni! What’s the number 1 macaroni dish? Come on you know what it is- “It’s Macaroni and Cheese!” Serve a nice big bowl to your family or why not try a new macaroni casserole recipe? There are hundreds to choose from 🙂 CLICK HERE FOR MY SPECIAL MACARONI & CHEESE RECIPE

  • Have a macaroni buffee party! Ohhhh this is a great food party! All you do is line up all kinds of shapes and sizes of cooked macaroni and a line of all kinds of sauces to pore on top. “I mean really, how many times do you get to have a food party like this?”

  • Kids love macaroni crafts and this is a perfect day to have some fun with the kids. 1)Glueing dry macaroni to cardboard and making pretty pictures. You can use colored macaroni (like spinach/green) or you can let the kids paint the dry macaroni either one.2) Another popular kids craft is macaroni picture frames. All you do is buy cheap wooden picture frames from the dollar store and glue on macaroni. Add a fun photo of the kids and everyone will love their artistic creation. 3) Little girls love to make macaroni jewelry! Let them string up necklaces and wear them for the whole day. 4)Macaroni Day is in July right, well many people also celebrate “Christmas In July.” so I can’t think of a better time to make macaroni garland than on National Macaroni Day.

  • Host your very own cooked macaroni eating contest!

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