Cheerios: #1 with Kids

You might think that kids most popular cereal would be Count Chocula, Fruit Loops or any one of the other sugar coated morning meals. But according to most studies, it’s CHEERIOS, that plain old oat cereal in the bright yellow box that has won over kids for almost 70 years.

When Cheerios was first introduced in 1941, it was as the sponsor of the “Lone Ranger” radio show. Kids loved to open the boxes to find free silver-colored bullets or creating frontier towns by cutting the backs of the boxes apart. They had 3-D comic books during the 50’s 3-D movie craze and gave away phonograph records from “American Bandstand” during the 60’s.

Watch this early commercial featuring The Cheerios Kid, from 1957.

Cheerios even has a fans under the age of two. The company estimates that 10% of all Cheerios are consumed by these young mouths. Parents like Cheerios because they are easy to digest and low in sugar. Almost half of all American households are regular purchasers of the brand.

How are they made? Take cooked oats and place them inside the tubes of a puffing gun. The oats burst into o’s containing thousands of tiny air pockets, resulting in a cereal that not only looks like a tiny life preserver……………….. it floats like one too! After experimenting with other shapes and sizes, they settled on the 1/2 inch tube of 1/8 width and the name “Cheerioats” which was changed to the famous “Cheerios”

Click here for a fun recipe that uses Cheerios = Lemon Desert Bars


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