BNI Businesswoman of the day = Larisa Capodieci

It’s a yearbook. It makes the year real (five, ten or even 50 years from now) by helping you relive, recall, retain,reminisce, refresh, remind,recollect and reconnect.

We realize how important your book is to you and we will help you make it a reality.

Larisa Capodieci


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3 Responses to “BNI Businesswoman of the day = Larisa Capodieci”

  1. Larisa Says:

    thanks for featuring me, brian!

  2. Naomi Rowland Says:

    Larisa, you look beautiful! And I’m so happy to see you getting some attention up there. Your schools are so lucky to have you, and so are the professionals nearby. Keep it up!

  3. sacchef Says:

    Time to reconnect at your high school reunion? How about a “where are they now” yearbook for your class reunion event?

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