Tip of the day = THE BIG TEN

1. Think BIG!
Set aggressive goals and don’t be afraid to go after what you want! Set goals that are attainable BUT make you stretch. Don’t let your past experiences determine your future accomplishments.
2. Respond BIG!
Maintain a positive attitude because there will ALWAYS be challenges! It’s been said that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it! A good attitude gives you an edge, a peace of mind, and patients to deal with those tough times. Attitude is Everything!
3. GO BIG!
Set high standards for yourself. Expect more from yourself and you will achieve more! It’s easy to be average and it’s easy to follow the pack, but never settle for anything less than your best. If there is anybody worth taking a risk for…it’s you! Create your own greatness!
4. Welcome challenges with confidence!
We already know they’re coming, so why not be ready! A challenge is not an
obstacle, it’s an opportunity! Welcome challenges into your life as they remind you anything worth while is not easy. They make you who you are and better at what you do.
5. Value & develop relationships
Friends, family, coaches, mentors, whoever it might be, those are the relationships that will teach and support you along the way. Learn from those that can teach you, love those that love you, and team up with those that can push you!
6. Work harder than everyone else
Sounds simple, but so often it’s the one ingredient many people lack in a society that demands instant results. Time and effort cannot be replaced with anything. Don’t just show up, show up to win. Keep your goals in sight, and work toward them with passion and commitment.
7. Be humble & teachable
Remember there is always something new to learn from someone who does it better. Remember where you came from, and what made you successful in the first place. Your humility will keep you balanced while your learning will keep you successful.
8. Maintain your confidence
It’s easy to be positive when times are good, but your ability to maintain your poise and confidence is crucial as challenges arise. You must learn to trust yourself and your decisions.
9. Believe in yourself & your goals
Know that doing the right thing for the right reasons will bring you success.
Stay focused on the correct activity and be patient with the results that
follow. Don’t give up on yourself or your goals, success will come to those that earn it.
10. Give back
Thank those that have helped you succeed, and teach those that can benefit from your knowledge. Giving back is when you truly realize your success in more ways than one!


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