Tip of the day = Divorce in California 5 Things You Should Know And Do to Protect Yourself

Every state has its own laws about divorce. The following is about divorce in California. If you have not been living in California for the past six months you cannot get a divorce in California at this time. You must also have been living in your particular county for the past three months. The divorce won’t be final for at least six months.

What to do if you are about to get a divorce, or are thinking about getting a divorce:

  • Gather all financial documents, including the past 5 years’ tax returns, all retirement accounts and all financial accounts.
  • Research pension plans, savings accounts and retirement accounts. Pay attention to the accounts your spouse’s employer might contribute to. Close or freeze joint accounts.
  • Keep track of any money you give your spouse as alimony or child support and write checks. Do not pay with cash.
  • Try to keep track of all debts either you or your spouse incur or pay after you separate.This would include necessities for the children, home repairs, or credit card payments or debt.
  • Try to keep communication open and calm. Bitterness and anger should be kept out of your divorce if possible. Acrimony won’t benefit anyone, especially if children are involved. You should negotiate a custody plan if possible.

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