Tailgating 101: Tips for the ultimate hassle-free tailgating season.

Whether you’re hitting the big game, or cheering on your family’s littlest player, turn your tailgate into the ultimate party with these tips.

  • Have your food ready at least two hours before the game starts. This way you’ll have plenty of time to visit, eat and clean up before the game.
  • Use frozen bottled water to chill your cooler instead of ice. When they melt, you’ll have cold water to drink and you won’t have to deal with a ?watered down? cooler.
  • Keep your menu simple. Look for recipes that feature bold flavors, a few simple ingredients and fast cooking times. For example, meat, vegetable or even fruit kabobs are easy to prepare and cook quickly.
  • Pack food in resealable bags. They’re great for transporting almost anything, and easy to toss when you’re done.
  • Flavor your food with sauces and rubs. Marinate meat or veggies the day before to save time, then bring the sauce or rub with you to add extra flavor while you’re cooking. Check out the sauces and rubs for fabulous flavor ideas!
  • Prepare foods in advance. For example, mold hamburgers into patties no thicker than ¾ of an inch. Freeze between sheets of wax paper or our Parchment Paper. When you’re ready, throw them still frozen on the grill.
  • Tired of burgers and brats? Make a pizza on the grill with store-bought pizza crust and your favorite toppings. If the crust browns too quickly, place a sheet of aluminum foil under the pizza while the toppings finish cooking.
  • Don’t forget dessert! Grilled fruit, like sliced pineapple or halved peaches, are incredibly easy and flavorful dessert options. When placed on a hot grill, the sugar in fruit will caramelize, leaving you with a naturally sweet treat!

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