Merry Christmas


The Sac Chef

The Sac Chef’s Christmas 2009 message


Most importantly, a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me and my business throughout 2009, particularly my best friend, Scott who has been along side me on the roller coaster ride. I would also love to thank all of my supportive  “sales force” in BNI and the RCC. The support and networking you all did for me was “GREAT” (attn: Brian Sharp)!

It has been great getting to know some new customers this year, as well as catching up with old customers who have now become repeat customers! Champions! If you’ve been thinking about hosting a party in 2010, I’d love to hear from you, and have the opportunity to “Pamper” you something special.

I started this blog the weekend before Halloween. Since then i have created 165 posts which led to over 950 visiting readers on this website. THANK YOU all for visiting my site. This would not have been born without the special advice from John Lisle at BIZFEST and the amazing talent of Stephanie Urzi who created my brand and logo. A special thanks again to Scott Seviour, I would not be here if not for his website design work.

Have a great holiday…..Cheers!

Brian Bentzen

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